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Why settle on Smart when you can have intelligent

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Our Story
An early startup, innovating technology by recognizing the wealth of under utilized data that can be used to create meaningful information. We began by thinking of process and devices that are commonly used but flawed. How would we innovate a process or device and better yet, how would we innovate an industry. We put together a group of experts (close friends) and looked at a process/device and began to ask questions. To answer those questions we imposed a simple requirement, if we were going to produce a device (our solution) how would we make its smarter but at the same time easier for the user. Our answer... is currently under development.
​ur company is founded on the premise, "Why settle on smart when you can have smarter". It is our goal to drive innovation in technology in parallel with innovating/creating  new business opportunities. We instill a culture of personal and professional growth for all our employees while having fun. In closing we ask to "stand by and watch us change the world one byte at a time, One egg at a time."

...oh the Name
So everyone asks where did the name Culper Technologies originate from? The story behind the name may be of interest to some History buffs (good trivia material). During the U.S. Revolutionary War gathering information of British troop movements and supplies would proved crucial to the success of General Washington and the Continental Army. 
A small group of trustworthy men and women formed North Americas first intelligence ring, the Culper Spy Ring. This intelligence gathering group proved to be innovative and arguably the most efficient at gathering information of either side during the war. This group was highly dependable and was never compromised by the British. 
Hence, circling back today we built upon our story, underutilized Data turned into meaningful information creating intelligent decisions. The "aha" moment became crystal clear to us.

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Corporate Governance

A tireless innovator and leader. Joining the US Navy and graduated as a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer. This opportunity lead to discovering his strengths and was the beginning of his journey. 
Today, as CEO and President he Co-Founded Culper Technologies. Peter is committed to bringing the best technology while keeping solutions simple building on a team of innovators with divers backgrounds with common goals. As a proud founder of Culper, Peter is motivated creating an innovative product(s) that will significantly impact people and the environment while solving a problem.
 When Peter is not busy fulfilling his role at Culper, you may find him hitting the iron at the gym, teaching himself a new programming language or attending a Miami Dolphins football game -including the tailgate ("the Chef"). He can also be found tinkering on his next innovation/idea. Stay tuned.